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The Zittauer Mountains
Main towns in the Zittauer Mountains:
Rock gate
Rock gate on Mount Töpfer

One of the smallest (perhaps the smallest, but in my opinion, the most beautiful) low mountain ranges in Germany is located in the Zittauer Mountains Nature Park in the southeastern corner of Saxony, at the border with Poland and the Czech Republic in the tri-border region in Upper Lusatia. Every year, thousands of tourists are drawn to spend their holidays and vacations in the Zittauer Mountains. Craggy sandstone rocks and distinctive phonolite cones characterize this mountain range, setting it apart distinctly from the rest of the Upper Lusatia region. The entire mountain range is a protected landscape. The nature park belongs to the district of Görlitz and is a subsection of the Lausitz Mountains, which is part of the Sudeten mountain range extending across the border areas of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
Mount Oybin
Marriage church

Over four localities, namely the spa town of Lückendorf, the spa town of Oybin with the district of Hain, the spa town of Jonsdorf, and the recreational village of Waltersdorf, stretches the Zittauer Mountains. With a length of about 14 km and a width ranging between 1.5 km and 4 km, the spa town of Oybin, with its beehive-shaped mountain, the eponymous Oybin Mountain, is situated right in the heart of the range. The location and the unique beauty of this scenic gem make the Zittauer Mountains a true dream destination for every traveler. Numerous hotels, guesthouses, and vacation rentals provide year-round accommodation options for holidays and vacations in the Zittauer Mountains. Immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and explore the idyllic and mysterious beauty of this unique area on approximately 300 km of well-marked hiking trails. The Zittauer Mountains offer about 110 official sandstone climbing peaks of various difficulty levels, making it an ideal destination for climbing enthusiasts.
Rock Alley
Large rocky alley on Mount Töpfer

Active Land Zittauer Mountains: Rock formations such as the Rosensteine, the Twins at Mount Oybin, or the Nonnenfelsen near Jonsdorf make every climber's heart beat faster. In addition to climbing opportunities, guests also have access to swimming and leisure pools, tennis courts, and bowling alleys. Whether swimming, sailing, surfing, rowing, or diving, the Olbersdorfer See offers a variety of water sports activities for active relaxation.
Surrounded by beautiful mountain valleys, green hilltops, and bizarre sandstone formations of the Zittauer Mountains, amid almost pristine nature, your stay becomes an unforgettable dream vacation. This is enhanced by the many gastronomic establishments found in the spa towns and on some of the mountains in the Zittauer Mountains.
Jonsdorfer Straße 8
02797 Kurort Oybin / Hain
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