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Health resort Jonsdorf
Main towns in the Zittauer Mountains:

The Fascinating Nonnenfelsen

Jonsdorf was founded approximately 450 years ago. According to legend, Shepherd Jonas, a monk from Mount Oybin, was the first settler in what would later become Jonsdorf. The spa town of Jonsdorf is located in a broad, sunny valley on the border with the Czech Republic in the Zittauer Mountains. Encircled by a ring of forest-covered magnificent mountains and rock formations like the Jonsberg with its white stone, the rugged Nonnenfelsen, the rock city of millstone quarries with the unique rock group 'The Organ,' the Plissen- the Buchberg, or the Rabenstein, Jonsdorf, like Oybin, becomes a visitor and hiking magnet of the highest class. In the background, the two giants of the Zittauer Mountains rise, the proud peaks of the phonolite cones of Lausche and Hochwald.
Mountain Air Health Resort

With pure, ozone-rich air

The robust coniferous forests and the elevation of around 500 meters provide the mountains with clean, ozone-rich, mild air. This is why Jonsdorf received its current status as a mountain air health resort from the Reich Health Office in Berlin in 1902. Typical of Jonsdorf, as well as many other communities, are the Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses (a vernacular architectural style from the 17th to the 19th century). Jonsdorf, like Oybin, is also the terminus of the steam-powered Zittauer narrow-gauge railway, which has been running since 1890 between the towns of Zittau, Olbersdorf, Jonsdorf, and Oybin. Jonsdorf entices visitors with various leisure activities throughout the year.
Oberlausitzer Umgebindehaus im Kurort Jonsdorf
Leisure Fun

Experience Fun and Adventure

The Ice Sports Arena in Jonsdorf offers visitors the opportunity to showcase their ice skating skills or simply have fun on the ice. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's something for everyone here. In addition to the Ice Sports Arena, there's also the Butterfly House, where you can explore the fascinating world of butterflies. Admire various species and learn more about their lifestyles. For nature enthusiasts, the Forest Stage in Jonsdorf provides a unique backdrop for concerts and outdoor theater performances. Enjoy the magical atmosphere and let yourself be enchanted by the performances. Discover all these exciting attractions in Jonsdorf in the Zittauer Mountains!
Schmetterlings- und Reptilienhaus im Kurort Jonsdorf
Jonsdorfer Straße 8
02797 Kurort Oybin / Hain
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