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The Breiteberg
Situated between Bertsdorf, Großschönau, and Hainewalde.
The Mountain Breiteberg

Situated between Bertsdorf, Großschönau, and Hainewalde.

The Breiteberg, at 510 meters, is situated on the edge of the Zittauer Mountains between the towns of Bertsdorf, Großschönau, and Hainewalde. It is also referred to as the local mountain ('Hausberg') of the latter. On the summit of the mountain, there is an observation tower that provides an excellent panoramic view of the Lusatian and Zittauer Mountains, the Lusatian mountain range, the Landeskrone near Görlitz, the Jizera Mountains, the Giant Mountains, and the Jeschken Mountains with its landmark, the Jeschken. However, climbing the tower is not possible without a key. Additionally, there is the Breiteberg Lodge located on the wooded summit, where visitors can obtain the key for tower access. Several trails lead to the summit, including a paved road from Bertsdorf primarily serving the Breiteberg Lodge. The two somewhat concealed paths from the Hainewalde side are reserved for hikers. There is also a circular trail around the mountain, providing various vantage points offering beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

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