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The Lausche
The highest mountain in Germany east of the Elbe River
Lausche Mountain
The highest mountain in Germany east of the Elbe River

The pointed volcanic cone, standing at 793 meters, is the highest peak in the Zittauer Mountains. It towers above the recreational village of Waltersdorf and marks the state border between Germany and the Czech Republic. Lausche is the highest elevation east of the Elbe River in Germany, offering sweeping views extending far into the Ore Mountains, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, as well as the Jizera Mountains and Giant Mountains. The mountain summit serves as a vantage point where you can enjoy distant vistas.
In 1882, a lodge was inaugurated on the summit, positioned exactly on the border between Germany and Czechoslovakia. The lodge was unique in that patrons could choose to sit on the German or Czech side and pay in the respective currencies. Unfortunately, the building burned down on January 8, 1946, and only the visible foundation remains today. There are no current facilities on the mountain for refreshments due to the fire.
For those interested in winter sports, the Lausche area is the largest and most significant skiing region in the Zittauer Mountains. Thanks to snow cannons and the northern slope location, skiing is possible even in winters with limited snowfall.
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