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Health resort Lückendorf
Main towns in the Zittauer Mountains:
A picturesque district of Oybin

The health resort of Lückendorf is a district of the spa town of Oybin in southeastern Saxony, located in the border region with the Czech Republic in the Görlitz district. Surrounded by lush green meadows and coniferous forests, nestled between the Brandberg and Sommerberg, Lückendorf stretches extensively as the only German settlement on the south side of the Zittauer Mountains. It is not uncommon for Lückendorf to be completely enveloped in fog when visibility is clear elsewhere. However, when this is not the case, the health resort of Lückendorf offers magnificent viewpoints overlooking the Zittauer terrain and the Bohemian Mountains.
High Altitude and Picturesque Viewpoints

Due to the elevated position of the locality, hikes to the highest viewpoints can be accomplished with almost no effort. In the east, you'll find the ruins of Raubschloß Karlsfried, the Fuchskanzel, Pfaffenstein, and the König-Johann-Quelle. Heading south into Bohemian territory, there's Petersdorf, Lemberk Castle, and Deutsch Gabel. To the west, beyond Mount Hochwald on the Bohemian side, lies the village of Schanzendorf, Krompach, and on the German side, the district of Hain and the spa town of Oybin. In the northern direction, you can reach the Töpfer Mountain, the Scharfenstein, the Brandberg, and the Heideberg on well-shaded paths.
Gabler Street

The historical Gabler Street in Lückendorf

Lückendorf on Gabler Street (One of the oldest trade routes in Europe connecting Zittau with the Bohemian town of Ceska Lipa, German Böhmisch Leipa.) This historic street, stretching on the south side of the mountains, has a long history and plays a significant role in regional development. It not only connects various places but also has a major impact on the trade and economy of the region. Discover the fascinating history and charm of Gabler Street as you stroll through Lückendorf and enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the Zittauer Mountains.
Jonsdorfer Straße 8
02797 Kurort Oybin / Hain
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