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Welcome to Zittau
Main towns in the Zittauer Mountains:

A historic city at the foot of the Zittauer Mountains!

Zittau, at the foot of the Zittauer Mountains, is a city over 750 years old in the district of Görlitz, located in the Upper Lusatia region at the tripoint of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. The city impresses with its rich historical architecture, especially the imposing town hall on the marketplace. Surrounded by Gothic, Classicist, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings, the town hall forms the heart of the city. The marketplace itself is a vibrant place where locals and visitors gather to enjoy the atmosphere.
Museum in der sächsischen Stadt Zittau Germany
The Zittau Fountains

The Beautiful Fountains of Zittau

The city of Zittau, at the foot of the Zittauer Mountains, boasts a variety of remarkable fountains. These historical works of art are not only a feast for the eyes but also an integral part of the city's history. From the impressive Neptune Fountain on the marketplace to the charming Town Hall Fountain, Zittau is home to numerous fountains that invite visitors to linger and explore. Each fountain tells its own story and serves as a symbol of the rich culture and tradition of this over 750-year-old major district town in Upper Lusatia. Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of Zittau and let yourself be enchanted by the unique architecture and charm of the city.
Zittauer Rathaus mit Marktplatz und Brunnen
The 1472 Lenten Veils

In the Church of the Holy Cross in Zittau

Zittau is also known for its unique Lenten veils that attract thousands of visitors each year. These impressive textile artworks, exhibited annually during Lent in St. Johannis Church, depict biblical stories and are a true delight for art enthusiasts. The 1472 Lenten veils not only showcase the craftsmanship of past centuries but also represent an important cultural heritage that deserves preservation.
280 Jahre alte Platane, besonderer Baum mit Blumenwiese
Jonsdorfer Straße 8
02797 Kurort Oybin / Hain
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