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The Mountain Töpfer
Discover the majestic beauty of this enchanting mountain!
The Mountain Töpfer

Discover the majestic beauty of this enchanting mountain!

The Töpfer is a 582-meter-high elongated mountain northeast of the spa town of Oybin. It is among the most beautiful mountains in the Zittauer Gebirge. With its numerous sandstone formations such as the brooding hen, the Gratzer caves, parrot, turtle, wobble stone, and more, it offers a hiking experience of a special kind. Paths to the summit include the ascent from Oybin valley known as the 'Krieche,' the Liebigweg trail from Olbersdorf via the Gratzer caves, the 'Kleine Eisgasse' from the east, or the Wirtschaftsweg trail from Kurort Oybin station, which is also served by the Zittauer Gebirgsexpress tourist train during the season from April to October. An unforgettable ascent to the Töpfer leads from Oybin via the Rosensteine, the large rock passage, and the Scharfenstein, also known as the Oybin Matterhorn (scenic view). Various viewpoints include the Böhmische Aussicht (viewpoint towards the Iser and Jeschken Mountains), the Oybinaussicht overlooking the spa town of Oybin and the central Berg Oybin, as well as the slightly higher-lying Hain district at the foot of the Hochwald. Another viewpoint is from the observation platform at the Töpferbaude (mountain restaurant) over Olbersdorf, the Olbersdorfer See, and extending to the city of Zittau and the surrounding countryside. In recent years, the international nature trail Lausitzer and Zittauer Gebirge has passed through the summit.

Blick vom Töpfer im Zittauer Gebirge
Jonsdorfer Straße 8
02797 Kurort Oybin / Hain
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