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The Mountain Oybin
The Majestic Oybin Mountain in the Zittauer Mountains
Oybin Mountain
The Majestic Oybin Mountain in the Zittauer Mountains

Oybin Mountain (514 m) is the landmark of the Zittauer Mountains. Rising freely from the valley in the form of a huge rock bell, it presents itself above the town of the same name. If its shape gives it the character of an ancient natural spectacle, the remains of an old knight's castle and a monastery of the Cölestiner monks (founded in 1369) glorify it with a rich history and legends in a wondrous way. Many of the ruins, such as the castle gates, the castle gatehouse, and the knight's house, are still well-preserved. Majestically perched on a steep rock wall is the monastery church, built in the purest Gothic style, now a ruin with an 80-foot-high arch and a remarkable sacristy. After a successful ascent, the mountain inn awaits, where kings and princes once dined. A special highlight here is the knight's feast at a rustic table, often used for company parties, Christmas celebrations, or similar events. The view of the town of Oybin and the Hain district with the Hochwald, the view of the city of Zittau, as well as a stroll on the charming Ringweg around Oybin Mountain, will delight any nature lover, while the sight of the church ruin with the small mountain cemetery will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the heart and soul. The old historical museum in the old castle hall is worth a visit, as well as the small Bergkirche (mountain church) built in 1734 in late Baroque style (also called the Wedding Church) at the foot of the mountain. From early May to late August, weekly concerts take place in the church under the motto 'Evening Music by Candlelight.'

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