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Hain district of Oybin
Main towns in the Zittauer Mountains:

The most conveniently located vacation spot in the Zittauer Mountains

Hain, with its local mountain Hochwald, is a district of Oybin and is arguably the best-situated vacation spot in the Zittauer Mountains due to its elevated and central location. Surrounded by idyllic surroundings and rich history, Hain serves as the ideal starting point for unforgettable experiences in the nature and culture of this fascinating region. Whether you wish to explore the breathtaking landscape, actively engage in numerous hiking and biking trails, or visit historical landmarks, Hain provides the perfect setting. Plan your next vacation in Hain and relish unforgettable moments in the Zittauer Mountains.
Hain mit Hausberg Hochwald

Landmark in Hain

The Johannissteine, situated in the district of Hain near the Saxon-Bohemian border, represent the highest elevation in the area. Visitors are treated to particularly impressive and breathtaking views. From the Johannissteine, one can survey the spa town of Oybin, the Zittauer Basin, and stretch their gaze as far as the Jizera and Giant Mountains. The panoramic view extends to the Lausitz Mountains, offering an equally fascinating sight. This unique landscape invites you to enjoy leisurely strolls and hikes, providing an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
Blick von Hain zum Berg Oybin
Vacation Spot with Local Mountain Hochwald

With its picturesque landscape, idyllic hiking trails, and proximity to numerous attractions, Hain offers a diverse range of experiences for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation. Whether hiking to the summit of Hochwald, cycling, or exploring historic castle ruins, active vacationers and culture enthusiasts alike will find plenty to enjoy. Moreover, cozy inns and guesthouses invite you to linger, ensuring a pleasant stay in this charming region. Discover Hain in the Zittauer Mountains and let yourself be enchanted by its unique beauty.
Zwischen Oybin und Hain
Jonsdorfer Straße 8
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