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The Scharfenstein
Impressive Beauty in the Zittauer Mountains
The Scharfenstein

Impressive Beauty in the Zittauer Mountains

The Scharfenstein is a approximately 25-meter-high rock formation in the Zittauer Mountains. It is located east of the spa town Oybin between Brandberg and the rock formations of the Great Rock Alley, at the intersection of several hiking trails leading to the Töpfer Mountain. Its peak is situated at approximately 569 meters above sea level. Due to its distinctive shape, it is also called the 'Oybin Matterhorn' or 'Upper Lusatian Matterhorn.' The rock is accessible with stairs and a climbing structure, making it one of the most famous viewpoint rocks in the Zittauer Mountains. From the top, one has a good overview of the Oybin Valley with the central Oybin mountain. Moreover, on a clear day, there is an unobstructed panoramic view of the Lausche, the Hochwald, the Jeschken in Czechia, and, with good visibility, even the Giant Mountains. The Scharfenstein is easily reachable from various paths, such as from the spa town Oybin, the health resort Lückendorf, or the district Hain. A nearby information board at the base of the rock uses a geological profile to help hikers understand the formation of these landscape features.
25 Meter hoher Felsen bei Oybin
Jonsdorfer Straße 8
02797 Kurort Oybin / Hain
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